Class 1

Class Teacher: Mrs Dawes

Learning Support Assistants: Miss Pearson and Mrs Rugg

The class has full time Learning Support Assistant.

The class also has an outside classroom with special equipment just for them!

There are Reception children in this class.

Class 1 Documents

Class 1 Events



We have loved watching the caterpillars grow this week; they are now five cm long and they are very furry. Some of them have started to change into chrysalis. We are waiting for them to be moved to their butterfly hotel in time for them to change into butterflies.

Our learning has focused on the butterflies; we have been thinking about what adventures they might go on when they hatch, we have made symmetrical butterfly pictures using our shape knowledge and we have designed our own butterfly hotels for the butterflies to stay in!



Class One have had a super week this week, experiencing lots of amazing things in school. Our maths learning has continued with our clever counting in 2’s and identifying and sorting odd and even numbers. In our learning about the world, we had a very exciting afternoon where our caterpillars arrived! We are looking forward to learning about how they change in the next few weeks. We had an energetic afternoon on Wednesday with our first sports day – It was great fun!



It’s great to be back for our final half term. The school year has whizzed by as has this week! Our learning has been focused around maths this week where we have been clever counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. We have looked at the patterns associated with counting in steps and have spotted lots of tips to help us learn about counting in this way.

We have continued learning about the seaside this week where we were focusing on seaside’s now and then looking at the similarities and differences between the two aspects of time.  



Oh we do like learning about the sea side! This week Class 1 have been listening to stories all about the story of Mr Grinling, The Lighthouse Keeper and have been busy making lighthouses using a variety of materials. Some of us also had a go at drawing lighthouses on the laptops. A very tricky skill indeed.

In literacy, this week we had a go at writing our own seaside poems and in maths subtraction was our focus, it been challenging remember to count back on our number line as we are now so good at counting forwards!  



Class 1 have been super stars this week! While our Year 6 buddies have had their SATs tests we have had to be as quiet as mice! We have enjoyed having some extra time outside learning how to be good friends, sharing and having fun! The afternoons have been spent making seaside pictures with Mrs James, growing plants with Miss Rainford, drawing maps of our local village with Mrs Powell and making delicious seaside cakes with Mrs Rugg. All in all another busy but brilliant week of learning. Well done Class 1!



We have had a lovely week of learning this week, looking very much at our topic of the seaside. In our Communication, Language and Literacy we made lists of items we would take to the beach; in Numeracy we have been learning how to add two groups of shells together by counting on; in Creative Development we made ice-creams and in Personal, Social and Emotional Development we read the story of The Rainbow Fish, which teaches us the important lesson of sharing.

It has been a super week which we have all enjoyed!



Swimming was the main focus this week and Class 1 had a fabulous time swimming for the first time in the school pool. All the children were well behaved and enjoyed the session.

Our learning this week has continued with our seaside topic where we made windmills for sandcastles and enjoyed listening to the story of Lucy and Tom At the Seaside by Shirley Hughes. We thought about other special places that we like to visit too.  



This week Class 1 have been learning about the Easter Story and enjoyed our Church service with Christine. We came back to school to have a creative day learning about and making crosses from around the world.

We have been working hard on reading and writing our key words from letters hidden in eggs and had great fun with our maths learning about symmetry by painting patterns on eggs.

We are all very ‘egg-cited’ about the holidays, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break. 



This week we have focused our learning on our wonderful Mummies. We have been busy making lots of lovely crafts for our mums including cards and biscuits. We talked about why our mummies are so important to us and how much we love them!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

We also had fun on Friday celebrating Red Nose Day. We looked great dressed in red and had so much fun with the School Council and Sports Crew who organised games for us to play. 



Spring was definitely in the air this week, with the weather improving Class 1 have loved being able to spend more time in our outdoor area. We were very lucky on Monday that we had the opportunity to hold the chicks. We say goodbye to them on Friday but it has been an incredible experience to see them hatch and watch them grow in their first two week. Following the theme of chickens, we have learnt the story of the Little Red Hen this week, thinking about the importance of helping our friends. We helped each other make some bread, just like the Little Red hen!



We have had an ‘eggs’cellent week in Class 1. The Living Eggs arrived on Monday afternoon and throughout the week we have been keeping a close eye on them, watching them hatch and grow into the adorable chicks. We have been using this awe and wonder ‘eggs’perience to learn about the life cycle of chickens and we have also created some fantastic art work about them too. A real sign that spring is on its way! How ‘eggs’citing!!!


We have had a super week of learning all about books. We have focused on one book in particular; The Very Busy Spider. We have explored lots of different spider activities including; making spider pizzas in our creative development, using directions to find our way out of the web in maths and we really enjoyed working with our Buddies to make spider books on World Book day. The children looked fabulous dressed up as book characters. A ‘very busy’ week with lots of fun learning taking place!



This week Class 1 have explored many aspects of learning to do with understanding the world around them. We enjoyed learning about friction by using ramps to test different materials and seeing how far the car travelled.

Mrs Hagen worked with the children to think beyond the world around them to make space rockets and UFO’s in a continuation of our transport project.


George Roworth

Issac Shimwell


This week Class 1 have continued their topic of transport, through knowledge and understanding of the world they have learnt about old and new vehicles, in Literacy they have enjoyed the story of Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car and in creative development they made some delicious traffic light biscuits. We have had lots of fun learning this week.

Thank you to all parents who attended parent’s evening this week.

I hope you have a lovely half term break!


Jessica Smith

Harvey Rostron


On Monday Class 1 carried out a traffic survey along The Tye to find out which mode of transport was most popular. We were all surprised by how many cars and vans went past, but no buses! This has been our main learning focus this week, learning about bar charts and pictograms and what they can tell us. We have created a lovely hall display of all our learning.

On Tuesday we went to Church for our Candlemas service led by Christine, a lovely service teaching us the important of candles in the Church. Another great week of learning, Well done!


Lexi Taylor

William Saunders


This week Class 1 were learning all about the Chinese New Year. They listened to the story of how the animals came to represent the Chinese New Year and acted out the story. We have also sequenced the story, played a pairs games with the characters, made lanterns and enjoyed our Chinese Banquet on Friday where we all took turns to cook the food. Another fun week of learning in Class 1!


Oliver Cutts



We have had another busy week in Class 1. We have been learning about our number bonds to 10 and doubling numbers in Maths. We have been practicing our sounds including the tricky phase 3 digraphs of ai, ee, oo and oa. We have continued learning about our topic of transport, by painting road safety signs and thinking about journeys we go on and what it might be like for those who have disabilities. 

Certificates: Jaromir Bestenis, Samuel Fleming


Happy New Year!

We have enjoyed the start of this term with lots of lovely activities happening this week! We have focused our learning on our new topic of transport by painting pictures of different types of transport, drawing maps of journeys and playing follow my leader in the playground. We have been working hard on our Phase 3 sounds of ai, ee and oo and our ‘teen’ numbers.  

Certificates: George Turner, Theodor Taylor, Jacob Cummin



This week we performed Whoops a Daisy Angel to our Mums and Dads, Grannies and Grandads. They all loved the play and we all loved performing it. We are now coming to the end of term and we are all feeling tired. Many of us have coughs and colds but we are still enjoying the magic of Christmas in Class 1.


Samuel Hyde

Amelia Sturrock


We enjoyed the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff this week, using everyday language to order the goats from smallest to largest, comparing the size of objects around the classroom to the troll and making bridges or raft to help the goats get across the river.

It turned colder this week as we reached the beginning of winter and we have started thinking about Christmas in some of the crafts we made this week, painting our candle holders and making reindeer antler hats.

We had a great time at the disco too!


Isla Chaston

Liam Hyde


This week we have enjoyed learning the story of the Gingerbread Man. We have been learning the repeating phrase “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!”

We have used the story to order pictures, make gingerbread man playdough characters, use our numbers to help us colour by number and make a book of all the characters.

Mrs Haldane has also been gardening with us, planting bulbs ready for the spring.


Issac Shimwell

Haig Woodcock


We had a very interesting talk and walk this week when Mrs Boorham came to talk to us and our mummies and grannies about road safety. She told us all about how to keep safe and took us on a walk around the village to show us how to be safe.

Certificates: NO assembly due to Flu vaccinations.


East Hanningfield Primary School celebrated all things Maths this week with their own Maths Week.

In class 1 we linked our maths learning to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Mr Forster also carried on this theme when he came to teach us on Wednesday morning. We loved singing our maths songs with him and leaning about larger than, smaller than, taller than and shorter than.

We enjoyed sharing our work with our parents and visitors – we hope you liked the parts of a butterfly song?!


Martina and Phoebe – Maths Logo Winners

Oliver and Jessica – super maths learning


Class 1 learnt all about the Hindu celebration of Diwali this week. We enjoyed learning about Diwali through the story of Rama and Sita. We made shadow puppets to retell the story. We thought about the festival of light by making Diva lamps from clay, making rangoli patterns and decorating hands with Mehndi patterns.

On Friday we learnt about another celebration – Bonfire night. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and we are excited to watch fireworks this weekend with our families.


Harvey Rostron

Lexi Taylor


Our animal focus moved from Dear Zoo to Elmer the Elephant this week. We have enjoyed learning about Elmer and how his colourful skin cheered everyone up. His bright thoughts made everyone feel good.

We have enjoyed working with Miss Baines this week while Miss Havers was at Forest School training.


Apple Arnold

William Saunders


This week we have been learning about position and movement. We have been learning about positional language in all our learning. We have worked with Sid the Snake. He has been on top, behind, between and next to various object in the classroom. Thank you Sid for helping us!


Our highlight this week was going to the church for our harvest festival. We loved singing our song - Mr. Scarecrow and we all looked super scarecrow like in our hats.

We have also introduced our ELLI animals. ELLI means Effective Life Long Learning Inventory. We met the Tortoise this week. The Tortoise helps us to be resilient in our learning.


Reece Smith Chinnery

George Patrick


This week we have enjoyed learning about repeating patterns in maths we are able to say what comes next in a pattern of shapes and colours. We have enjoyed listening to our class book of Dear Zoo and being able to join in with the repeating pattern of words. We all enjoyed the nature hunt with Mrs Thomas on Tuesday.

No Certificate assembly due to McMillan Coffee Morning


We loved sharing our portraits with our visitors during our 1st sharing assembly, it was a little scary seeing all those faces but we coped really well. We also enjoyed our second Health Project session with Mrs Fullarton. We had fun trying all the new fruits and mushing up the berries to try new drinks. Yummy! 

Certificates - George R and Martina 


This week we stayed for lunch with our Buddies. I t has been great eating our school dinners and packed lunches with them and playing with them in our outside area. Thank you to all the Year 6 buddies, you have been super! 

Certificates - Max and Phoebe 


Wow! our first week in school and we have all had a brilliant time. Everyone has settled well into the class routines and has enjoyed coming into school every day. 

Certificates - George A, William, Haig, Ellie, Liam M, Lilybet