Class 3

Class Teacher: Mrs Whitaker

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Harvey

There are other Learning Support Assistants working in this class with individual children.

There are Year 3 and Year 4 children in this class.

Class 3 Documents

Class 3 Events

French Christmas Activities with Year 9 students from The Sandon School

On Thursday 14th December we were delighted to welcome ten Year 9 students from The Sandon School. They had prepared very exciting Christmas activities in French to share with KS2 children at our school. The hall was a hive of activity with small groups focusing on different tasks including: Christmas cards; memory games and reindeer puppets. The children were delighted to share their new vocabulary and craft creations back in the classroom. It was wonderful for our children to have the opportunity to engage with talented linguists from our local secondary school. Une journée memorable!

Photos to follow!




History Off The Page - for pictures click here!

On Thursday 2nd November, “History Off the Page” came to lead a 1940’s day at our school. The children and adult helpers all dressed in costumes of the period. Our school hall was transformed into the imaginary village of Combourwick. The children attended school in the morning and were divided into shopkeepers and shoppers (evacuees) in the afternoon.

Experiencing school life with a strict school master was a real eye opener for the children. They practised using nib pens, ink and blotting paper and scribing the school prayer. The sound of the air raid siren had the children grab their gas mask boxes and hide under the desks with their hands over their heads.

The afternoon was a more relaxed affair. The shoppers had a list of items that they needed to buy and pay for using old pennies.   There was even a National Caf where the children drank squash from enamel mugs and ate spam and sugar-free jam sandwiches.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to travel to the past, handle quality artefacts and experience life as an evacuee in 1940’s Britain. A day that has certainly left the children with long lasting memories!

Here is a Year 3 child’s written account of his experience:

“Before we came to school we got in our costumes and I was feeling excited. As soon as we got there we lined up and when we were lining up Sir inspected us. Then we went into the classroom. As soon as we got into the classroom we had to stand behind our chairs with no hands touching. We had to sit with our hands on our laps. As soon as we were sitting down we had to write the prayer and we used an ink pen to write. Next we filled in a ration book and we had to say if it pleases you Sir. Then we had to draw an apple and practise for an air raid. We had to practise hiding under the table. In the afternoon we went shopping and Reis and I were working in the café. Then we swopped around and Reis and I bought so many things. After that the man told us a story about his Dad. I really loved the day.”