Class 3

Class Teachers: Mrs Whitaker and Miss Rainford

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Harvey

There are other Learning Support Assistants working in this class with individual children.

There are Year 3 and Year 4 children in this class.

Class 3 Letters


Class 3 Events

Summer term 2019

This half term, we have been busy learning all about the Romans.  We have studied "Escape from Pompeii" and wrote exciting newspaper reports about the events.  In DT, we have had lots of fun designing and making Roman shields.  in History, we have explored the spread of the Roman empire and explored life in ancient Rome using a variety of sources including artefacts.  We even got to play an ancient Roman game of "Catch Quoits." In Science, we have been learning about parts of the plants and the functions of the roots and stems.  We are looking forward to our trip to Colchester Castle in June.  


Spring Term 2019


Ivan, Max and Niamh


This weeks certificates were awarded to:

LDaina, Jonny and Sophie 


This week Class 3 were on their class visit to Hyde Hall.


This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Morgan and Archie


This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Edward and Sophie


This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Alliyah and William 


What a busy week for Class 3!  On Tuesday, Year 4s attended a Superstars Sporting Event at Melbourne.  They were very well behaved and really enjoyed competing in a wide variety of activities with more than 300 other children.  On Friday, we presented our work from this half term at our Celebration Assembly.  The children retold the story of the Kapok Tree and shared the important message of protecting our Rainforests.  I was so proud of their performance.  Well done Class 3!

This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Ella, Year 4 Superstars and Emily


The children have really enjoyed writing their Rainforest stories this week and completing their Rousseau inspired collages.  In maths, we have focused on the grid method of multiplication and on finding fractions of amounts.  In PE, the Rainforest is our inspiration as we develop a range of movements to represent growing trees and the interdependence of animals and plants in this tropical environment.   

This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Maddie, Emily and Niamh


This week Class 3 have really enjoyed researching their own Rainforest animal in preparation for writing a traditional tale. They had great fun with Sir Linkalot learning to spell difficult words like 'business' and 'colourful'.  See if they can teach you the links?   They have also been inspired by the French artist Rousseau and have started their own Rainforest collage for display in the hall.  The work so far is very impressive!  

This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Oliver G, Sam and Archie


In English this week we have started exploring traditional tales and focused on "Just So" tales by Rudyard Kipling.  The children enjoyed hearing the stories and exploring their structure and language.  In maths, we have been adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and 100 to 3 and 4 digit numbers.  In Art, the children have really enjoyed learning to draw Rainforest animals thinking about the animal shapes,  proportion and alignment.  Their work has been really impressive!

This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Sophie, Thomas, Oliver P


Welcome back to Spring Term!  We have really enjoyed learning about our new topic "Rainforests" and reading our class text "The Great Kapok Tree" by Lynne Cherry.  In Geography, we have located rainforests on a world map and highlighted their position between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.  We have also started our new Science topic which is "What plants need".

This weeks certificates were awarded to:

George, Blu, Freya



Wow what a busy week and end of term we have had!  We absolutely loved performing in our KS2 Christmas Carol Concert in All Saints' Church on Tuesday evening.  We were so proud of our singing, acting and dancing.  We have also had great fun making chocolate truffles this week and packing them up in our handmade chocolate boxes.  They will be a surprise for our parents on Christmas morning!  Well done Class 3 for a fantastic Autumn Term.


This week we have had our chocolate box designs signed off by the Head of Graphic Design ( Mrs Whitaker) and we have thought very carefully about all of the materials we need before starting to make our final product.  We have learnt a lot this half term about the different stages involved in the design process and have practised lots of skills in the lead up to making the final product.  We also really enjoyed having the Language Leaders from Sandon School come to spend Friday morning with us.  They had prepared French Christmas activities which they shared with us and we also got to enjoy a French breakfast!  Warm croissants and 'pain au chocolat'...yum yum!


This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Morgan, Noah W, Noah A and Sophie


The children had great fun this week in maths weighing lots of different fruits and sharing  their results on bar charts.  They also measured liquids in various sized measuring jugs and converted from litres to millilitres and vice versa.  They practised counting in French and some children even started to write out their times tables in French!

A great week of learning Class 3, well done!

This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Max, Archie and Robyn


On Monday morning, Mrs Jones shared with Class 3 photos of her visits to Mayan sites.  The children really enjoyed locating the sites on a map of Central America.  They had great fun preparing for their Celebration Assembly.  They shared lots of knowledge about nutrition and the different food groups.  Their food plates, which illustrated a balanced diet, were particularly impressive.  They also sang "Baby Shark" in French with great gusto and of course everyone knew the tune!  

This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Reis, Freya and Ella


This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Daina, Niamh and Poppy


This week in English we have had lots of fun debating, "Should Boys Learn Cookery?" with the children coming up with very strong arguments for and against the topic.  In Science, we have started our new topic of "Light and Shadows".  The children shared some fantastic knowledge and came up with some great questions to explore over the coming weeks.  We also read through the play script for the KS2 Christmas Nativity and the children loved it.

This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Noah,A, Stevi-Lei and Maddie 


In English, the children have learned how to write book reviews.  "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was the focus of their review.  We started our Design Technology topic this week.  The children are learning how to design and make their own packaging box.  We had great fun taking boxes apart and learning that many boxes are only actually made from one piece of cardboard.  

This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Armany, Jonny and Oliver P


On Monday, the children really enjoyed sharing their extended homework with the other classes in the school.  Please see attached photos of some of their work.  Wednesday was a very special morning as all of the children participated in a Chocolate Workshop led by Sarah from the Chappel Chocolate House.  They learned about where chocolate comes from and how it is made.  They had a chance to temper chocolate and to make and decorate two chocolate lollipops to take home.  This was a great hands-on experience with plenty of opportunities for chocolate tasting as well.  Great fun was had by all! 


Click here to see some of the photos of their Mayan work. 

Click here to see photos of the chocolate workshop



In History we learned about the foods the Mayans grew and ate.  We got to taste cocoa beans, avocados, mangos and corn tortillas.  We also looked at and cut open lots of other vegetables, many of which we eat today.  The children had lots of fun working in pairs researching about their chosen food.  They thought of questions they would like answered and used their computing skills to help them.  Finally on Friday we shared all of our learning at our Celebration Assembly.  Phew what a busy week!

This weeks certificates were awarded to:

 Robyn, Jazmin and Noah W


This week the children have been busy designing Mayan masks and choosing complementary and analogous colours from the colour wheel.  They have also been learning about the Mayan writing system and how words are constructed.  Did you know that Mayan hieroglyphic writing is made up of syllabograms (representing sounds) and logograms (representing whole words)?  The children have also really enjoyed practising their song for the Harvest Service next week. 


This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Charlie; Rosie and Alliyah.  Our Times Tables Rockstar Champion was Issy.


Class 3 have had another busy week. In Maths, lots of work about securing our understanding of place value; what does each digit really mean? In English, we have been working hard to analyse and create character descriptions based on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate. On Wednesday afternoon, I was particularly impressed by the children’s eagerness to research their new topic – The Maya Civilisation.


This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Oliver P, Leo and Edward


Welcome back to a new academic year. The children have already settled into the class routines and we have been very pleased with how well our Year 3 children have already integrated into the class.  Lots of hard work already completed and lots more still to come this half-term!


This weeks certificates were awarded to:

Ivan, Poppy and Issabella

Hadleigh Park 2018

Stone Age Adventures






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