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Other School Council Members

Year 6 boy - Blake Year 6 girl - Emily
Year 5 boy - Jude Year 5 girl - Molly
Year 4 boy - Oliver Year 4 girl - Phoebe
Year 3 boy - Reis Year 3 girl - Emily
Year 2 boy - Oliver Year 2 girl - Poppy
Year 1 boy - Max 
Year 1 girl - Martina


Charity Of The Year

Farleigh Hospice

Design a garden competition  



One of the school council's projects was to make use of the garden plots situated on the playground.

Each class will take a plot and ensure that it is prepared - dug over and cleared of weeds/old plants.

The school council would like to set a competition to design a garden. Each class will choose  a winner 

to design the plot.

Prize - the winning plot will be designed and reproduced by the class also the prize for the design creator is a colouring kit!! 

We would like competition sheets to be handed in to the class teacher by Monday 26th February 2018 - one week after half term.



After a long time picking winners for the the design a garden competitionwe have come to a decision.


The winners are.... 

Class 1  Jhensen 



 Class 2   Martina 


 Class 3   Sophie 




 Class 4   Isabelle

congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone that entered.