Our children thrive when the significant people in their lives pull together so it is vitally important for parents/carers and school to work together.  For this we need good two way communications. 


It is a legal requirement to record and publish authorised and unauthorised absences.  Each day has two sessions.

  • Please phone the school by 9:15 am when a child is unexpectedly not attending, e.g. through illness. 
  • Please inform the school in writing of any known absence in school time, e.g. hospital appointment.
  • If an absence in school time is unavoidable, for example family bereavement, off-site activity (e.g. music exams, exceptional occasions or annual family holiday) please complete a Leave of Absence form available from the school office, preferably four weeks in advance.  Holidays in school terms should be avoided if at all possible.  The head teacher is allowed to authorise a maximum of twenty sessions (ten days) after considering the impact on the learning of the individual child.
  • If your child is sick or has diarrhoea he/she should be kept off school for 24 hours after the last attack, and should not swim for 48 hours after the last attack.
  • If a child is absent and we do not know why, we will attempt to contact you to ensure the child is safe.
  • We need a written record explaining school absence.  If the absence was unforeseen the written reason should be sent into school on the child’s return.
  • The Education Welfare Officer monitors school absences and may investigate further unauthorised or frequent absences.

School Closures

If the school has to be closed before the start of the school day e.g. weather conditions, we will contact you via ParentMail. We will also contact the local radio stations (BBC Essex, Dream, Essex Radio) for them to announce the closure. 

A notice will also be posted on the school’s website: 

If the school needs to close during the school day parents will be contacted individually.

Data collection sheets

The office keeps records of your child’s details including emergency contact details. Data Collection sheets are sent out annually at the beginning of the Autumn term for you to check and confirm. Please ensure that the office is advised of any changes to contact details during the year.

Open door policy 

If you require further information our website has comprehensive current information. If you still have an enquiry feel free to phone the school office or ask your child’s class teacher via your child’s reading diary, or at the end of the school day. 

The East Hanningfield School Website includes comprehensive current information.

Supporting your child’s learning

Parent/Teacher Consultation in October and February are organised on an appointment system.  A slip will be attached to the newsletter for you to complete and then an appointment will be sent to you. 

Following your child’s annual report there is an Open Evening in July.  This is an opportunity for your children to show you their work, to tour the school, to talk informally to the teacher for the last year and meet the teacher for September.  Individual appointments can be made on request. 

All parents naturally have concerns from time to time about the progress or welfare of their children.  We consider it to be an important part of our job to help with your concerns, and to share any we may have, as soon as they arise and to discuss fully with you ways of resolving them.  Please do not hesitate to contact us, together we can sort most things out.

The majority of concerns can be resolved with your child's class teacher.  The Head teacher is available for further consultation and greater staff involvement.  For the rare situation which is not remedied by this action we may involve other professionals if it is felt to be appropriate.  The Governing Body, which includes parent governors, is also here to assist you and may be contacted through the school office.

If you are unhappy with how the school has dealt with an issue there are policies and procedures for handling complaints.  Copies of these are available for you from the School Office.  Other policies, procedures and guidance are also available.

Designated Child Protection Coordinator

This is the Head teacher. In their absence the Deputy Head teacher should be contacted. If the concern relates to the Head teacher the Chair of the Governing Body should be contacted.

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